Immersive Keyboard Game with Art, Music and Stories

Keystone Library

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This is a ‘somewhat’ full list of expected features upcoming in the game Keystone Library. Some are already done, some are anticipated.

  • Full keyboard controlled interface.
  • A small library of books to choose from. Currently focusing on 3 major books. Mythology. Cyberpunk. Fantasy.
  • Each book with immersive theme, illustration, design and music for the story or genre.
  • Layered 2D illustration and graphics effects for all stages.
  • RPG Quest mode with ongoing stories and exploration and character interactions.
  • Advanced keyword controlled character communication system.
  • RPG Battle mode with flexible arsenal / inventory system and multiple enemy challenges.
  • Typing challenges to represent “grind and exploration”.
  • Puzzle stages to satisfy the PvE experience.
  • Currency system with shop, inventory, and character upgrades.
  • Interactive companion system who is helpful and gives both assistance and tips.
  • Linear chapter based progression with replay value for all chapters.